WordPress installation and setup

  • Dreamhost installation
    • Go to your DreamHost Web Panel
    • Choose Goodies > One-Click Installs
    • Choose WordPress
      • Install to: Choose domain, type in path to where you want the site to be
      • Automatically create database
      • Deluxe Install unchecked
      • Click Install it for me now
    • Wait for email, then follow instructions for setting up an admin user (don’t use admin as username)
    • Log in
  • Setup
    • Site settings
    • User settings
      • Set display name
      • Disable visual editor if you want to use HTML
    • Where content goes
      • Site title (Settings > General)
      • Pages and posts
      • Menus (Appearance > Menus)
      • Sidebars (Appearance > Widgets)

Sass Basics


sudo gem install sass

Enter computer password


pwd to show current folder

cd and path to your site to get to correct folder

sass --watch --style expanded sass/style.scss:style.css to run Sass



@import "reset"; to import _reset.scss

Indenting &:hover, etc.


$variable: value;

Media queries

$viewport-ipad: 1024px;
$viewport-iphone: 414px;

@mixin responsive($viewport-width) {
    @if $viewport-width == ipad {
        @media screen and (max-width: $viewport-ipad) {
    @else if $viewport-width == iphone {
        @media screen and (max-width: $viewport-iphone) {


@include responsive(iphone) {