ART 370C Spring 2014

Advanced Web Design

Day 17

Wed. 3/12/14 | Tagged: ,

6 classes until IP presentations

jQuery notes


  • Mouse Events
    • click
    • dblclick
    • mousedown
    • mouseup
    • mouseover
    • mouseout
    • mousemove
  • Document/Window Events
    • load
    • resize
    • scroll
    • unload
  • Keyboard Events
    • keypress
    • keydown
    • keyup
  • jQuery Events
    • hover (takes two functions)


  • Basic Showing and Hiding
    • show
    • hide
    • toggle
  • Fading Elements In and Out
    • fadeIn
    • fadeOut
    • fadeToggle
    • fadeTo – fades to a specific opacity – requires speed and opacity (0-1)
  • Sliding Elements
    • slideDown
    • slideUp
    • slideToggle

Extra plug-ins

Class canceled due to snow

Mon. 3/3/14 | Tagged: , , ,

Class for today, Monday, March 3, has been canceled due to snow. Your JavaScript & jQuery demo 1 will now be due Wednesday, March 5, at the end of class (more information regarding the demo here). Your syllabus has been updated to reflect these changes.

JavaScript & jQuery Demo 1 Example Program

Here’s an example of a program that you can use or modify for your demo if you’re stuck:

  1. Ask three personal questions (What is your name?, etc.) using prompt(). Use an array so that more questions can be added easily.
  2. Use document.write() to add the questions and answers to your page.
  3. Use an if/else loop so that blank answers are marked “This answer intentionally left blank.” or something to that effect.

If you have questions or want me to look at your demo before Wednesday, feel free to email me.

Day 13

Wed. 2/26/14 | Tagged: ,

JavaScript & jQuery Demo 1

For your first demo, you are to create a JavaScript program that uses at least one array, conditional statement, and loop. You are welcome to use any other aspects of JavaScript we have discussed so far in class.

Please use a single HTML page for your program, as we have been doing in class. You are welcome to use the template file from today’s lesson as a starting point.

Your demo should be uploaded to your hosting account and submitted via the usual form. It should also be linked to somewhere on your WordPress site. Deadline is Monday, March 3, by the end of class.


  • 25 points — Excellent
  • 23 points — Good
  • 20 points — Acceptable
  • 16 points — Poor
  • 0 points — Unacceptable

5 points off for each requirement missing (array, conditional statement, and loop).