ART 370C Spring 2014

Advanced Web Design

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Day 13

Wed. 2/26/14 | Tagged: ,

JavaScript & jQuery Demo 1

For your first demo, you are to create a JavaScript program that uses at least one array, conditional statement, and loop. You are welcome to use any other aspects of JavaScript we have discussed so far in class.

Please use a single HTML page for your program, as we have been doing in class. You are welcome to use the template file from today’s lesson as a starting point.

Your demo should be uploaded to your hosting account and submitted via the usual form. It should also be linked to somewhere on your WordPress site. Deadline is Monday, March 3, by the end of class.


  • 25 points — Excellent
  • 23 points — Good
  • 20 points — Acceptable
  • 16 points — Poor
  • 0 points — Unacceptable

5 points off for each requirement missing (array, conditional statement, and loop).

Day 8

Mon. 2/10/14 | Tagged: , ,
  • WordPress site critique
    • Introduce the topic for your project
    • Discuss thoughts behind layout & design
  • Independent project progress check #2 on Wednesday
    • How is your research going?
    • What will your next blog post be about?
    • What will your first demo be about?
  • Submission form now open for future blog posts & demos

Class will start late on Monday

Sun. 2/9/14 | Tagged:

Several of you have expressed interest in attending Dr. Birdwhistell’s memorial service on Monday at 3pm. We will go ahead and postpone class until after the memorial service is over. Your sites should still be submitted by 9am.

If you have any questions, please let me know.