Day 21

  • Go over Project 4 — WordPress Child Theme rubric
  • Why WordPress?
  • Install WordPress from ICDSoft’s control panel
    • Create subdomain first
    • Install automatically under Scripts menu
  • Import sample content
    • Go here to download—right click and choose Save Link As… for the link under Test Environment Setup #1
    • Import in WordPress under Tools > Import, choose WordPress and follow the instructions
    • Leave users as is and make sure to download and import file attachments
  • Change the following settings (the rest are up to you)
    • Under Settings > Reading, set Blog pages show at most to 5 posts
    • Under Settings > Discussion, set Break comments into pages to 5 top level comments per page
    • Under Settings > Discussion, check An administrator must always approve a comment
    • Under Settings > Media, remove the Maximum embed size for Height
    • Under Settings > Permalinks, choose an option other than Default under Common Settings
  • Remove the following posts and pages and make the following changes
    • Under Posts, remove…
      • Scheduled Post
      • Hello world!
      • Draft Post
      • Post Format Test: Audio
      • Test with secret password
      • Many Trackbacks
    • Under Pages, remove…
      • Sample Page
    • On the Layout Test post
      • Remove the Sticky setting
      • Remove the page breaks from the post content
  • Download and install the Toolbox theme
    • Download theme here
    • Unzip (double click)
    • Put the folder in /wp-content/themes/ of your subdomain using FTP
  • Create a child theme
    • Create a new folder in /wp-content/themes/ (no spaces)
    • Within this folder, create a style.css file (must be exactly this)
    • Open the style.css file and paste in the code at the bottom of the post
    • Put all of your code in this stylesheet below the pasted-in code
  • Tips for creating a child theme

Code for child theme style.css file:

Theme Name: Child Theme Name
Author: Your Name Here
Template: toolbox

@import url("../toolbox/style.css");